Ranquel Technologies’ CryptoForge software is a powerful encryption software with strong encryption algorithms, file compression and deleted-file shredding. No experience is necessary. CryptoForge installs in less than a minute. It displays a padlock icon in the system tray upon completion. Encrypting files or folders is as simple as right-clicking on them and choosing “encrypt.” Right-click options include encrypt, decrypt and shred. Double-clicking on the icon opens the main configuration window.

In a market where many vendors offer one or two encryption algorithms, there are four strong cryptographic algorithms in CryptoForge: 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), which the U.S. government and military use; Blowfish, designed to be strong and fast with a 448-bit key; Triple DES, which uses a 168-bit key; and Gost, a 256-bit cryptographic algorithm from Russia. There is no current way to break any of these four cryptography methods.

File compression capabilities are included, which strengthens cryptographic security and goes easy on available hard-drive space. You can choose different levels of compression. The program is slow to encrypt whether using compression or not. Decryption is fast, however. It took only five minutes to decrypt a 4GB test folder.

An included password meter provides visual feedback on the strength of character input. There is a file shredder that permanently removes deleted files so that nobody can bring them back with file recovery or forensics software.

The software comes with a comprehensive help file with useful graphics. Online support includes customer care center (FAQs), email support and an online form.

CryptoForge Summary:

Ranquel Technologies’ CryptoForge data encryption software is easy to install and use. It has the ability to encrypt data with multiple algorithms while securely destroying the derivative data. It is rather slow when converting large amounts of data, and it doesn’t permit you to decrypt a file while it’s encrypting another. Decryption speed, however, is best in class. If you remain patient during encryption, your reward will be documents that nobody, not even the government, can decipher.


CryptoForge 4.1

In addition to four powerful encryption methods, CryptoForge includes a file shredder that meets U.S. Department of Defense standards.

Telephoning customer support is not an option. Access to support is by email only.

The Verdict:

CryptoForge lets you encrypt data with multiple algorithms and gives you the means to permanently remove deleted files from your hard drive.