Encryption Software Review Learning Center

File encryption software augments internet security software. They aren’t the same thing. Internet security software... Read More »
Any encryption is only as strong as the password that protects it. You can use the most powerful encryption software for Mac... Read More »
AutoCrypt is Mac encryption software that takes an approach that is unique among the products on our side-by-side comparison.... Read More »
SecureDoc for Mac by WinMagic is Mac encryption software that locks down your entire hard drive and has the ability to... Read More »
Sophos SafeGuard Disk Encryption for Mac encrypts your entire hard drive to protect it from intruders. This Mac encryption... Read More »
Protect Files by Apimac is simple encryption software for Mac that performs exactly as advertised without any extra features... Read More »
Concealer is a Mac encryption app that allows users to protect sensitive data on their Apple computers. It does this in a... Read More »
Knox encryption software for Mac is an encryption and backup utility developed by Agilebits, the same company that makes the... Read More »
NCH Software has a great reputation for creating useful utility software. Such is the case with its Mac encryption software,... Read More »
Your Mac is loaded with personally identifying information that is vulnerable to not only to hackers, identity thieves and... Read More »