SecureIT is a smartly designed encryption utility with large, iconic buttons and a Windows-style Explorer interface. Its main features are encryption, decryption, compression and deleted-file shredding. There are two encryption algorithms to choose from: 256-bit AES or 448-bit Blowfish. So whichever side you come down on in the encryption algorithm religious debate, you can use one or the other. For example, if you prefer to use the same method that the U.S. federal government uses, then you have AES. But if you believe the rumors about AES containing some sort of NSA backdoor, then you have Blowfish. SecureIT hides the complexities of encryption so you can benefit from the functionality without a graduate degree in mathematics.

This file encryption software encrypts all data from any application. Examples include spreadsheets, graphics and word processing files. It doesn’t matter where the files resides; you can use disks, removable hard drives or USB thumb drives. Encryption and decryption occur quickly with or without compression, in line with similar software in its class. You encrypt files by right-clicking on the target file or folder in Windows. To decrypt files that were encrypted with SecureIT, you download a free decryption utility called DeCypherIT.

You can conveniently distribute encrypted self-extracting files to people who don’t own SecureIT if you provide them with a password. Using the “Encrypt to Exe” button generates an encrypted executable file from selected files and folders. When you extract this self-contained EXE, it restores the files and folders to their readable originals.

A file shredder is not a security feature that has anything to do with encryption. However, if you are security-conscious enough to use encryption, you will appreciate having one. SecureIT includes a file shredder so that you can absolutely remove deleted files from your hard disk in such a way that even heavy-duty file-recovery software will find nothing.

Online help is available in the form of FAQs, email to support staff and a comprehensive searchable index. From within the application you can access a well-illustrated Windows help file.

SecureIT Summary:

SecureIT makes our best file encryption lineup because it uses two open-source secure algorithms that are currently some of the strongest in existence. Plus, it throws in a file shredder because it does little good to encrypt a file if your old deleted files are littering your hard disk just waiting to be captured.


SecureIT 4.2.0

SecureIT provides 256-bit AES encryption as well as 448-bit Blowfish encryption.

Although SecureIT lacks nothing in terms of encrypting data files, some competitors provide more auxiliary security features such as password generators and history cleaners.

The Verdict:

SecureIt is easy to operate and provides two kinds of uncrackable encryption plus a secure deleted-file shredder.