In order to encircle your PC with layers of security, the first circle is internet security software to defend against malware and phishing attacks. The second perimeter defense is encryption software, which restricts access to your files so that nobody can unlock them without your cooperation. If you are looking for PC encryption software, SensiGuard is one to consider, not just because its encryption is unbreakable but because the software functions are easy to perform.

Once upon a time, early in the '90s, the U.S. government classified 128-bit encryption as a munition. Now, however, it is legal for United States citizens to use 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), the same encryption that the U.S. government and military uses. SensiGuard supports 256-bit AES keys, which cannot be cracked by brute force.

You don’t need a graduate degree in mathematics to understand how to encrypt files with SensiGuard. Well-made online instructional videos teach the procedures. From a Windows Explorer-type interface within SensiGuard, you can click on files or folders to lock or unlock them. Even if you are not logged into the SensiGuard application, you can simply right-click on any data file or folder, enter your SensiGuard password, and lock or unlock whatever you highlighted.

Beyond the ability to encrypt and decrypt files and folders on your Windows machine, SensiGuard supports a couple of other encryption features. You can send an encrypted file so that only the person you intended it for can open it using a password that you provide. The recipient does not need to have SensiGuard installed. Furthermore, you can password-protect an external drive so that you can take encrypted files with you without worrying that they could get into the wrong hands if you accidentally drop your flash drive in the parking lot.

Complementary to encryption features, SensiGuard bundles a few additional security features that are very nice to have. For example, it automatically compresses encrypted files, and it supports the shredding of deleted files so that nobody with file recovery software and no government agency with forensics software would ever be able to bring them back to life.

Online resources are instructive and well done. Access to customer support is by email.

SensiGuard Summary:

Even the best encryption program is no substitute for internet security software. They each handle different aspects of security. SensiGuard file encryption software employs uncrackable encryption that is easy to apply. You will greatly increase your security levels by installing SensiGuard because you will be able to lock your data files such that nobody will be able to read them without your key.


SensiGuard Personal

The encryption is virtually impossible to break and the application is convenient to use.

The publisher limits customer-support access to email.

The Verdict:

SensiGuard contains well-considered security features that complement its powerful encryption capability.